A Little Obsessed

This post talks about my latest writing obsession. It gives my thoughts about my writing this past year.


Relaunch Party: For Their Sins by @Rtranbooks #paranormal #fantasy #IARTG

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For Their Sins

Title: For Their Sins

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Publisher:  Hoffman & Hoffman

Book Blurb:

For Their Sins is a first-person narrative following the life of a very unconventional 300 year old vampire. Alexandria Diego was born in 1707 as a Venandi, a descendant of angels. Her people were charged by God to send the worst sinners to judgment. That included the soulless Mordere that are turned into vampires by more traditional means. Although Alexandria chose the path of the hunter she always longed for a quiet life. Destiny had other plans. One simple choice irrevocably changed Alexandria’s life and soon all of her people knew her name. When a war broke out between her people and the Mordere Alexandria suddenly became her people’s last hope of survival. Alexandria is lost and confused under the sudden weight. After agonizing over the problem she faces it head-on. But when…

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Unexpected Quirks

Sometimes life's little quirks are the perfect opportunity for something wonderful in your life. In my case a random line in a movie led to my first traditionally published novel.

A Guardian Falls by @Rtranbooks is #EpicFantasy Filled with Action and Magic! #IAN1 #books

Thanks for the guest spot Mrs N. “A Guardian Falls” is available for a special price on a Kindle Countdown deal until 9/22. Get your copy today.

POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing

A Guardian Falls

Title: A Guardian Falls

Author: R Tran

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book Blurb:

All looks bleak when Mara is forced to return home after her love’s brush with death. She only has one magical artifact and the army seems out of reach. The consequences should she fail or even succeed finally set in and Mara has doubts about everything. There will be a war of blades and magic with Mara at the center, but Mara wonders if she has the strength to survive.


In the dim morning light, Mara heard voices in the distance too faint to understand. Bishop shifted below her, anxious for the coming battle. Mara pulled her cloak tighter against the chill air and damp drizzle as she waited for news of Laran’s army. A few of the horses behind her snorted their dislike of Drake’s swift approach.

“It’s just as we thought. Half his troops went…

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My point with this long and rambling blog is: that inspiration for settings, whether you are building a new world or placing characters in ours, is right in front of you. If you need a huge waterfall, or a mountain with a lake below it, or even an alien landscape everything you need is just a picture away. 

Leap of Faith

About a month ago I did something I never thought I'd have the courage to do. I sent my novel For Their Sins into a publisher. So here's where things get interesting. This past Saturday at well past 1 am I checked my email just before bed and saw an email from said publisher.

The Best Advice I Have Ever Been Given

This is sound advice from a new Indie Author Ashley Hodge that applies across genres. I think we've all learned a little something along the way and its important to share that with other authors. Watch for a review on Ashley's book Damaged Hearts on my blog coming soon. Source: The Best Advice I Have… Continue reading The Best Advice I Have Ever Been Given

Guest author and reviewer: Rebecca Tran – A Few Tips for Authors

I wrote this as a guest post for Sue Vincent’s blog. I thought I would repost it here in case you missed it. Follow the link to check out Sue blog that is full of useful articles and tips for authors and artists.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Pixabay

I’ve had a small unused underdeveloped blog for seven months now, but in the last two months I decided to get serious about it. I started making regular posts once a week yet I still wasn’t satisfied. In an effort to build a following and help fellow authors I started reviewing books. When I first started I really thought I lost my mind. What did I know about reviewing books? I was no one special, I was only having mild success as an author myself. Then I received a few requests, read a few books, and posted a few reviews. It turns out I wasn’t so clueless after all.

Lately I have had to email several authors with harsh critique on their work and I always feel like the bad guy, even though I’m really just trying to help. Honestly I wish some of my review requests would…

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